Improving Your Spiritual Fitness Level – A Health Devotional

Spiritual fitness connects us with God

When a person begins an exercise program to improve their cardiovascular or aerobic fitness level, several things are going on physiologically in the body. The cardiovascular system - the oxygen transport system - has to get used to carrying oxygen in the blood through the blood … [Read more...]

Christ Lives in Us!

Abide in Jesus

This last week has been an amazing week for me spiritually! God is revealing to me some of his deep truths regarding being one with Jesus - being in union with Him - and what abiding or remaining in Him is about. Paul shares one of these truths in his letter to the … [Read more...]

5 Things I Own That Most Contribute to My Health


Here's a listing of some of the material things I own which most contribute to my spirit, mind, and body health. 1. My Bible. It helps me understand who God is and how he wants me to live. The spiritual health I achieve through my relationship with God is my foundation for my … [Read more...]

Unbroken – A Book Review


When I was visiting the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte a few months ago a book displayed in the gift shop captured my attention. Unbroken, written by Laura Hillenbrand, has become a New York Times Bestseller. It recounts the life of Louis Zamperini. Before he joined the … [Read more...]

Hummingbirds, Nectar and God – Sources of Fuel

God is our source of fuel and nectar

We recently moved into a new home which is about 10 miles South of the place we had in Charlotte. At our old place, we had created a flower garden that attracted hummingbirds. They became daily visitors from April through September each year.  Because we enjoy flowers and nature, … [Read more...]

A Presentation to Leaders of The Voice of the Martyrs

Dale and Janice Fletcher at Voice of the Martyrs

Earlier this week, my wife and I spent two days at The Voice of the Martyrs ministry in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Janice provided an all-day training on the principles of Christian life coaching. I provided a short talk on total wellness. The work that this ministry does is … [Read more...]

Confess Your Sins to Be Free – James 5:16


Good Morning! I hope this post finds you smack in the middle on God's pathway to wholeness in your life! The desire of my heart is to see each person walking in freedom... and to be as whole as possible this side of heaven. (Read this post on Wholeness - A Biblical … [Read more...]

Do You Want to Be Saved – Even More – by Jesus? – Romans 5:10

romans 5:10

"For if, when we were God's enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!" Romans 5:10 God sent his Son, Jesus, to die so that our sins could be forgiven and we could life life in … [Read more...]

Are You Nourishing Your Spirit?


A few weeks ago, my wife and I moved into a new house. Part of the settling in process has been attending to the lawn and to the flowers that we brought with us from our old house. I enjoy maintaining a nice lawn and carrying for flowers so getting the outside of the house in … [Read more...]

Your Deepest Spiritual Needs – Are They Satisfied? John 6


In John, Chapter six, we read how Jesus feeds five thousand people with five small loaves of bread and two fish - one of his many miracles. Then Jesus went across a lake to a mountainside to rest. The next day, some people of the crowd, that he fed, found him. Jesus told them … [Read more...]