Are Believers a Bad Influence on Your Health Behaviors?


Our health-related behaviors can easily become influenced by the ways of the world - the ways of the unbeliever. We can also be influenced, in a negative way, by other Christians. Social norms and the practices of those around us can be so influential that our ways and habits … [Read more...]

The Cross and Love


It's early Friday morning and I'm sitting out back listening to the birds and the water gently spilling into a pool in our small water fountain. If you're a follower of Jesus, I encourage you to read this as an affirmation of your faith. The Cross on Calvary means … [Read more...]

Life Trauma and Your Health – Radio Show Interview Tonight

HUGS Talk Show

Many people struggle with unhealthy behavior and poor chronic health because there is an unresolved deep spiritual issue. Issues like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic problems that are lifestyle-related can stem from trauma experienced earlier in life. I want … [Read more...]

Grace Temple Ministries 2014 Women’s Retreat


I'm excited to be speaking this Saturday, March 1st, at this year's Grace Temple Ministries Women's Retreat in Hattiesburg, MS. The title of the retreat is "Take 5." Faith, Food, Focus, Friends and Fitness are the themes. My workshop will be on the Focus piece as I'll be … [Read more...]

Is the Weight of Your Guilt & Shame – Like Ice – Crushing You?

sin and shame can burden us

I'm going to stick with the sin and snow theme for another post. Yesterday I wrote that here in Charlotte we received about 8 inches of snow and one inch of ice. Well, the wet snow combined with the ice was pretty darn heavy. Mid-morning I glanced out the kitchen window to … [Read more...]

Faith and Health Board on Pinterest

A Board about matters of health and faith

Especially if you're on Pinterest, read more. We want to have as wide a presence in the social media world as possible so that people like you might be reached with biblical principles related to their health. My research shows that more than 60% of the traffic to the website … [Read more...]

Snow and Our Sin

sin is like snow with the blood of Jesus

We don't often get snow in Charlotte, N.C..  When we do, it's typically just a dusting that disappears the next day. That's not the case with the weather system that is coming thorough the Carolinas with the current storm. As I write this post, we've had about six inches and it's … [Read more...]

Stress in America Report. How are You Coping?

Infographic about Stress in America Report

Yesterday I added a post on the Health Blog at The initial part of the blog post follows: The latest Stress in America report has been recently published by the America Psychological Association. There are some interesting facts included in the … [Read more...]

New Dates of Courses & Teleseminars. Wellness Coaching.


I've just realized that I haven't communicated to you the dates that I've selected for upcoming teachings and courses. I also wanted to remind you of an opportunity to benefit from my wellness coaching. Teleseminar/Workshop - Understanding and Applying the Faith and Health … [Read more...]

Wholeness – an Updated Definition and Explanation


How would you define the word wholeness? Have you ever said to someone, "I'm whole in Christ"? Almost 5 years ago I added a blog post on the website that addressed wholeness.  I also wrote an article - God Wants You Whole. Since that time, I've gained a better appreciation … [Read more...]