The Faith and Health Link Workshop

'Connecting the Dots Between the Christian Faith and Your Health'


Workshop about the Faith and Health Link

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Workshop Details

What Participants Are Saying

“The workshop showed how poor spiritual health influences one’s mental and physical health.  I can see this course being taught in divinity schools across America. Thanks Dale, for this great insight!”
Renee Wiggins, Registered Dietician

The workshop was informative, convicting and powerful on a personal level as I seek to be transformed spiritually and physically. This is an empowering ministry for congregations
seeking to build a wholistic health ministry!
” Casina Washington

I want to thank Dale for his time and passion. I’m thrilled by what I attained in such a short workshop. Not only did I receive more insight on the faith and healing connection, I also learned more about my own walk with God.”  Annie, New York City

Thank you so much for this life changing information!  I honestly believe that I now have a deeper understanding between my physical and spiritual health.  I’ll be able to look back on this workshop as being the milestone that significantly changed my life! I pray that others will take it
so that they can be helped as well.” Joyce Whitted

Workshop Objectives – What’s in it for you?

As a participant in this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, relationships and other risk factors impact your spirit, soul and body.
  • Describe and appreciate how unhealthy relationships with God, your self and others are at the root of many unhealthy behaviors and poor health.
  • Identify poorly managed stressors that may be affecting unhealthy behaviors and your physical well being.
  • Appreciate that certain spiritual risk factors may be impacting negatively on your health.
  • Understand and apply key biblical principles that address spiritual risk factors and that will have a positive impact on your whole person health.
  • Appreciate that an intimate and right relationships with God, a healthy relationship with your self and loving relationships with others are essential for living out your life purpose.
  • Incorporate your new insight into your health-related profession, vocation or ministry.
  • If you’re a Pastor or a ministry leader, you’ll be able to decide whether the PathWay 2 Wholeness program is something you’d like to offer at your church or ministry.

Key Topics Covered

  • How God Designed Us
  • Health and Your Life Purpose
  • Sin, Stress and Your Health
  • The Life, Stress, Faith and Health Model
  • Prevalent Spiritual Risk Factors for Poor Health
  • Wholeness and Sanctification
  • Key Biblical Principles That Promote Health & Wellbeing
  • Overview of the Faith and Health Ambassador Course and the PathWay 2 Wholeness program

Live Webinar Option:

The live workshop will be delivered using the Webex platform technology. If you have never participated in an online meeting using Webex, you may want to ensure that your computer or tablet is compatible and has the necessary software installed before registering. Please visit this page on our website for more information and instructions. Not technically inclined? No problem! Connecting to the webinar with Webex is not required. You’ll receive copies of the slides that you can print and refer to during the workshop. You can simply call the designated number to connect with your telephone.

Recorded Option:

You also have the option to listen to recordings of a previous live workshop with participants. This gives you complete flexibility at to when to engage with the material. Once you pay and register (and select this option), you’ll receive a follow-up email with links for the recordings as well as your handouts.

Upcoming Live Workshop Dates

No live workshop is currently scheduled.

(A total of 3 hours in two 90-minute sessions)

Workshop Registration & Payment

Registration and Payment is a 2-step process.

Step 1. Make Your Payment for the Workshop – The cost of the workshop is now $19.99.  You may pay with a major credit card. Simply click on the ‘Pay Now’ button below. Thanks for your financial support and investment in the ministry!

(PLEASE NOTE: The above button will enable you to pay with a major credit card within PayPal.
First, you will have to enter an email address, then click on ‘Sign Up’.
You will then be given an option to use a credit card)


Step 2. Register – After you make your payment, please click the button below and complete the short registration form. (Please select either the live date or the pre-recorded option.)

If you select the live option, you’ll receive instructions, copies of key slides and full page handouts in an email a few days before the workshop. If you select the recorded option, you’ll be sent all the materials within 24 hours.

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