PathWay 2 Wholeness

A Wellness Program about Whole Person Health and the Christian Faith

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Dale Fletcher, M.S.

Dale Fletcher, M.S.
Founder, Faith and Health Connection

Thanks for your interest in our PathWay 2 WholenessSM program.

This program is a unique whole-person health education or wellness program, delivered in a Bible Study format. The focus is on spiritual health and the care of your spirit. That’s because God created you as a spiritual being that lives in a body, and for your body to be really well, your spirit must be well.

The facilitator of this program has completed special training, offered by the Faith and Health Connection ministry, and received the designation as Faith and Health Ambassador. At the link provided you’ll be able to read more about the course that he/she completed and his/her qualifications. You’ll also learn how you can become a Faith and Health Ambassador.


“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”
Jesus in John 14:6

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105

Program Details

  • PATHWAY 2 WHOLENESS ICON RGB 150X150The Need for the Program: Most people don’t understand how significantly the condition of their spirit and soul affect their health-related behaviors and physical health. Chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle-related illnesses can often be linked to unhealthy relationships – with God, self and others – or a wounded and hurting heart. Many people are not able to fully fulfill their life purpose because their health impedes them. This initiative will help you ‘connect the dots’ between mind, body and spirit health… and so much more.
  • Purpose of the Program: To contribute to the spiritual transformation and improved whole person health – wellness – of participants, to the glory of God and for the advancement of his Kingdom. This will stem from the application of biblical and medical principles that enable participants to experience a more correct and deeper relationship with God, a healthier relationship with themselves and more loving relationships with others.
  • Goals: As a participant in this Bible Study on Wellness you will…
    • Become aware of the undeniable connection between stress, relationship issues and health, and the benefits you’ll gain by making healthier choices in these areas.
    • Desire to make changes to enhance your relationships with God, your self and others and to better care for your health.
    • Embrace Biblical and medically-sound knowledge on how to live in a right relationship with God, a healthy relationship with your self and loving relationships with others. Knowledge on how to develop healthier beliefs, attitudes and habits will also be addressed. You will review and study 40 key biblical principles related to God’s commandment to love Him, your self and others and how these principles may affect your health.
    • Demonstrate the ability to make the desired changes noted in your personal growth plan through the application and practice of biblical and medical principles.
    • Receive encouragement from your facilitator and share your experience with others as reinforcement of the changed habits and positive impacts resulting from the study.
  • Length: Two hours/week for a period of 11 weeks. There are 10 weekly sessions with an additional week between the 9th and 10th sessions.

    PathWay 2 Wholeness Participant Guide

    Click on the image to read program objectives & weekly schedule

  • Format:  Short talks using PowerPoint, small group discussions and interactive learning activities. Weekly readings from a textbook, the Bible & supplemental material. The Participant Guide contains assignments, readings and reference material. This would be a relevant health and wellness Bible study. Click on the image to the right to view the study training objectives and weekly schedule.
  • Materials and Costs: The Participant Guide and textbook, God Medicine and Miracles, by Dan Fountain, MD, will be ordered and provided by the church or organization offering the program. Any participation fees will be determined by the host church/organization. The approximate cost to the church for a set of participant materials is $25.00.

Program Outcomes and Testimonials

This program addresses principles that everyone needs to understand in order to become the whole person that God intends us to be.”

“I had allowed compassion fatigue and spiritual leadership duties to put me out of balance, and stress and time management seemed beyond my reach. Engaging in this program brought me great peace as I listened to God calling me to be gentle with myself.”

This program is beneficial for anyone who may be struggling with issues of faith, trust and physical health.

Read this Executive Summary of outcomes based on end of program surveys that have been conducted.

For Pastors, Ministry Leaders and Spiritual Growth Directors

This program is a unique discipleship Bible study on wellness that explores God’s design for spirit-mind-body health. Using God’s 2 greatest commandments as a foundation, this life-transforming experience will equip participants to experience healthier relationships with God, themselves and others. The spiritual fruit that results in their lives will glorify God in a greater way. The health and well-being of the participant may also be improved as a result of their improved spiritual health.

It’s our strong desire that church leadership identify people from their congregation to be equipped as Faith and Health AmbassadorsSM to lead this program.

A Consideration – “Understanding the Faith and Health Link” is a 3-hour workshop that addresses the core content of the PathWay 2 Wholeness program in a very condensed manner. You might consider participating in this workshop to experience this abbreviated teaching and learn about the theological underpinnings of our teachings.

The following links provide background information on our ministry: Mission, Vision and Beliefs; Bio Sketch of Founder and Course Director, Dale Fletcher; and our Statement of Faith.

“Faith and Health – An Introduction”
Key Ministry and Program Initiatives

A free, live 60-minute introduction to the faith and health link, our ministry, the FHA course, the related P2W Bible Study, and the Faith and Health Link Workshop are held periodically. If scheduled, the date is listed below:

7:30-8:30 PM EST, Tuesday, October 24thFaith and Health - An Introduction

A recorded orientation – 60 minutes in length – is also available. To listen follow this link.

PathWay 2 Wholeness
and Faith and Health Ambassador are Service Marks of Faith and Health Connection ministry.

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