Finding Delight in Times of Stress – Faith and Health Scripture: Psalm 119:143

I think that each of us knows instinctively that if we remain stressed for a long period of time, our health will suffer in some way. Bible ReadingNot surprisingly, that’s what the research shows as well. Headaches, asthma, the common cold, high blood pressure, ulcers and eczema are just a few conditions that may come about because of the body’s exposure to chronic stress. We each have a different response, but if stress is long term and intense enough, our bodies will pay a price.

There are many conventional ways in which we can alleviate the stress we are under. Getting enough sleep, exercising, muscle relaxation, deep breathing and connecting with close friends are some ways to manage stress. More about these and other techniques can be found at this website on Medline.

In today’s scripture, the psalmist indicates that he is troubled and distressed. Yet he proclaims that “your commands are my delight.” He’s saying that the principles and guidelines for living found in the Bible are a delight to him. When he is stressed, he is delighted by following God’s commandments.

The message for us is that in our lives, we will have stress. Yet, amidst the stressful situations and events, if know the principles in the Bible and live by them, we can find delight. As we are delighted, instead of feeling internally stressed for long periods of time, our health will be impacted in a positive well.

Are you intimately familiar with God’s commands and principles? Do you find delight in following them?

Have a wonderful week. And to all you father, a belated ‘Happy Father’s Day!’

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