The Cross and Your Life

The Cross - JesusJesus made the greatest payment so you can have life – He gave his life.

You and I can be whole if we receive all that Jesus died to give us. Strength, power, grace, forgiveness, love, patience, self control and so much more are available to us.  The question is, will we open our spirits, minds and hearts to receive what Jesus desires us to have?

During these very significant and special days of the year, as you remember that Jesus died … and was raised again … so that you can have life, be encouraged and then be recommitted to living the full life that he offers you. John 10:10

Have a blessed Easter…. and live a full life…. so you can give it away to others… for the glory of God.

Read my Easter blog post of three years ago which best captures how and why Jesus Died for Your Life.

Listen to Jim Nabors sing The Old Rugged Cross on YouTube.

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