You Are Wired to Be Connected to God

prayer and health

You  were wired to be connected to and in a relationship with God. Research has shown that a prayer of 12 minutes or more will cause physical changes in the brain. I imagine that this is why God instructs us to 'pray without ceasing.'  See 1 Thessalonians 5:17 And there … [Read more...]

Church Attendance, Social Isolation and Mortality – Recent Reserch Findings

social isolation is related to mortality

Crossroads is the Newsletter of the Center for Spirituality, Theology & Health at Duke University. The November, 2013 issue was just released. In this issue, six research studies were highlighted and summarized. The one that most interested me was a study about the value of … [Read more...]

Smokers and Church Attendance – A Gallup Report

church attendance and smoking

A new report is out this week by the Gallup folks - Strong Link Between Church Attendance and Smoking. Smoking in the U.S. is highly correlated with religiosity, with those who never attend church almost three times as likely to smoke as those who attend weekly. This … [Read more...]

God and Your Brain – How He Changes It


Rita Hancock, MD (aka "Dr. Rita") is a graduate of Cornell University and is a board-certified Physical Medicine specialist with sub-specialty board certification in Pain Management. She has been in full-time practice for fifteen years. Her most recent book is Radical Wellbeing - … [Read more...]

Researchers Say “Junk DNA is Not Junk.” God Already Knows That.


Researchers have discovered yet a new revelation about the human genome: it’s full of active, functioning DNA, and it's a lot more complex than they ever thought. A Time magazine article, Junk DNA - Not So Useless After All, provides some details of the recent discoveries and … [Read more...]

Relationships and Your Health

Staying Healthy

A survey of pre-retirees aged 50-plus has revealed some interesting facts about what people think about regarding their health. The July 16 issue of the Wall Street Journal has an article about the study results titled The High Price of a Long Life. One of the questions asked … [Read more...]