Weekly Faith and Health Scripture: Jesus on Stress Management – Matthew 11:28-30

Life and stress… they go hand in hand. Bible Reading We will experience lots and lots of stress in our life. There is no getting around it. I believe that the degree to which we effectively manage and cope with the stress in our lives will determine the degree to which we are healthy. If we turn to unhealthy behaviors to cope with the stress, our physical and emotional health will suffer.

Many people turn to food as a way to cope with stress. Others turn to the use of drugs. Some turn to alcohol. Still others light up a cigarette. Some burn the midnight oil surfing the internet and pay for it the next day because they have had inadequate sleep.

Long ago Jesus told his followers: “Come to me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle, and you will find much rest for your souls. For my yoke fits perfectly, and the burden I give you is light.” Matthew 11:28-30

I don’t know of any more effective technique to get a handle on the stress in my life than to turn to Jesus. God designed you and me in a way that our spirit, mind and body would react together in a marvelous way when we feel tense and anxious and “heavy” and set our heart and mind on Jesus. God knew that Jesus was our anecdote for stress … not drugs, food, alcohol and the internet. That’s why he inspired Matthew to capture and write about Jesus’ short teaching on this topic.

How do we “Come to Jesus?” We pray. We listen to inspirational music. We sit or walk quietly and listen for His voice. We cry out to Him in desperation. We read His Word, the Bible. We get on our knees and pour out our heart to Him. When we do this, He promises that He will give us rest.

A Few Questions to Ponder:

  • To what or whom do you turn when you are weary, burdened or stressed?
  • How do you turn to Jesus in a way that is personal and meaningful?
  • How do you feel when you turn to Him?

Go have a great day!!!

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  1. jrenee says

    I totally agree. I found in the most stressful time in my life that nothing helped but God. He is the only one who can help us change our thinking and see things correctly. Also, he doesn’t want us to be stressed out. He loves us and wants us to be healthy and happy.
    I am thankful for Jesus and the pathway that he provided for me.
    I love this scripture. It has ministered to me many times.
    God Bless!

  2. Ari says

    I am a recovering addict and abuse survivor. I did things in my past that I am really ashamed of when I was on drugs and alcahol. These people I use to hang out with told evryone in the small town I live what I did and even went around to my former employers. I can not get a job here. I turned to Jesus in prayer and cried out for help after months of deespair. He answered with a job and I start soon. I dont know if my new employer will find out but I know that I must trust Jesus to help me when and if that happens. My new job is a few miles away. I pray for my enemies and pray for Gods wisdom for me to choose the right roads in my life today.

  3. Marie says

    Amen! That is a good article.

    When i am overwhelmed i write a letter to God listing all my cares and burdens and prayerfully release it into his hands. I then rip the piece of paper and burn it! I usually feel at peace afterward as i feel i have literally given it to God. Or i write a message to God in my phone then delete it.

  4. Alesia Vegas says

    This rebuttal is for Ari..Ari,remember the scripture that says,”If Christ be for you;who can be against you?” No human being at all. No one. The ord knows you are trying to move out of your past and in to your future. He wants you to change and to prosper and do his will. Furthermore,if we we’re all perfect,how would we relate to the people that truly need the Lords comfort and need someone by their side to be able to relate to them and help them out of their despair? Also remember that the Lord says in his word that he works all bad for our good when in the end. No matter what was done,he will turn it around for some kind of good. Perhaps you can’t see it now,but this isn’t for you to figure out right now.
    just keep believing for the visions that God has put in your heart,no matter how unbelievable they are. It may not be an overnight experience and it ay take longer than you’d like,but I can assure you that when you stay in-tuned to Gods word and worship and praise your way through this life;Jesus can and will take you through any trial and give you this peace that you need when you ask him. Roman chapter 8 say,”Now therefore,there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” That means you! Keep fighting to see yourself the way that God see’s you and stop worrying about the past and your enemies. That is exactly what satan would love for you to do. He is not our master. Jesus is and if it isn’t the voice of the Lord speaking than you know it’s worthless. All yo need right now is for God to believe in you and ask him to help you to believe in you and you will excel beyond your wildest dreams! Then God will use your victorious life as a testimony for others and to glorify his name! amen! Believe me..he will put the enemy right under your feet! You gave your life to him,your past doesn’t exist in his eyes. Now your just his beautiful precious posession he will continue to bless with the desires of your heart. Seek the Lord and cry out to him,talk to him about your fears and worries. even your weaknesses don’t intimidate him. He’s seen it all and been tempted by all. He knows we’re weak and need a savior! he’s waiting for us to step down and watch him step up and run the show. Girlfriend…and all those who read this…be blessed,claim your blessings and dare to fight to believe the unbelievable! I love you all and I love you Jesus!

  5. glenda says

    I am really thankful for the encouraging reminder of that scripture. There is rest in Jesus. I was going through so much with getting a new job. Someone may say Why? It was just the opposite. I wasnt prepared for it meaning child care and transportation. Before I was out of work for almost three years after being fired from my formal job I had the transportation and I had the childcare but now its a battle. I been praying Now its time for TRUSTING! Again Thanks!

  6. Shawn says

    I read the encouraging words and they are inspiring to me. In this day and age, people are going through and need to be strengthened by the Word of God and be encouraged by others. Thank you for your testimonies and for encouraging others who read these passages. God’s word is so true and yet so alive. It’s true, we have to trust and believe in Him and what He can do. It’s not about us. It never was, it’s always about Him getting the glory. When we can stop focusing on ourselves and come to Him for help, we allow Him glory to shine and our burden becomes light. May each one of you be blessed beyond measures. May your cup runeth over that you have room enough to receive. Praise the Lord from whom all blessiing flow. Continue to serve God as God would have you too. God bless.

  7. Gwen says

    I am going thru some trying times on my job with my supervisor. It’s like God led me to this page to be reminded of his work. Thank you all so much these encouraging words. May you be continually blessed!

  8. Staci says

    Really great article. Succinct but powerful. I’ve been going through a lot trying to get a small business off the ground. I’ve been meditating on this verse for a couple days, but needed the reinforcement on how we go to Jesus. Thanks.

  9. Albert David says

    I am happy and out of my stress after reading these passages. I know now, what is bothering me, and what i gotta do. So many things in my head, will speak out my heart to Lord God Almighty. Will let him decide and shape my life. Thanks to Yall..

  10. shorty says

    To all that are out there, if you have gotten off of drugs, alcohol or any other abuse. Hurray for you, I don’t know you but I am proud of you, don’t go back to whatever you did. However, whatever you did, no matter what it was, be honest about it. Pull your boss, friend, and others important to you aside and let him/her know, this is you past and it was your past, and the past it is. It is not the future and not who you are today. I wish my boyfriend could come clean about his past, and let go of his drug use. I pray for him each day. I also wish he could find a job, keep the job, and let go of any bad influence. Each day God reminds me that he will never give me more then I can handle, and even then he sends people to support and comfort me. My car died and I met a man that was willing to help. Just that act alone made me feel so good, that i can’t help but thank God for every good person in the world.

    • says

      Hello Shorty, Thanks for your comment and your testimony. It will be an encouragement to others who read it. I pray that you will continue your trust and faith in God!

  11. Donald Wilmot says

    I have been dealing with a lot of stress lately. I know that the lord is letting this happen to me for a reason but I’m not sure what that reason is yet. One lady went up to my friend and told her that i said she needed to shut her mouth and stop calling children and youth on her, and then told my friend that i am a petifyle. I’m not like that. I also have legal documents from the last time someone said this about me that prove my innocence. I would never hurt a child like that. My friend is like a sister to me and i love her kids very much. I would give my life for her any day. I am going to be having a talk with this person today. I hope that nothing is taken the wrong ways. If it weren’t for my friend keeping my in the Bible, I honestly don’t know where I’d be today. Please pray for me. I am very grateful to have found this document. God speed. May the good Lord bless you in all you do.

    • says

      Hello Donald, I have said a prayer for you… and that the truth be known by all concerned. I also pray that you will draw closer to Jesus during this time of stress.

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