Your Heart – Weekly Faith and Health Scripture – Proverbs 4:23 & 17:22

A few days ago I was listening to Johnny Cash’s song, “I Walk the Line”, while I was running. One of the lines in the song is “Keep a close watch on this heart of mine.” It reminded me of several scriptures:

  • Proverbs 4:23 – “Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.”
  • Proverbs 14:30 – “A heart at peace gives life to the body but envy rots the bones.”
  • Proverbs 15 :13 – “A happy heart makes the face cheerful.”
  • Proverbs 17:22 – “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Broken HeartFrom a spiritual perspective, our heart is the deepest part of our being. It perhaps includes our soul and our spirit. It’s clear by what we read in scripture that God advises, in fact he commands us, to take care of matters of the heart. Certainly Johnny Cash knew that, and God wants us to know that too.

How do we take care of our heart? We guard against things that are not of God. We resist the lies that the evil one speaks into our mind. We spend time reading God’s Word so that His truth can sink deep into our spirit and soul – our heart. As we understand His truth by reading the Word, we do our very best to live our lives in accordance with His guidelines and His truth. We monitor our behaviors, our thoughts and what we say. We take an honest look, on a periodic basis, deep into our heart, to see if there is any aspect of our heart that is not in alignment with God.

Having any bitterness or unforgiveness in our heart certainly is not of God. If somebody has hurt you in the past, if you are upset with God or you haven’t forgiven yourself concerning an issue of your life, your heart is probably not right with either God, yourself or another person. God would want us to take this issue to Him prayerfully so that we don’t carry this burden in our heart. Doing this frees us up on the inside so that more of God’s Spirit can control us.

Yes, our heart is the wellspring of all life. It is at the deepest level of our heart that God lives in us with His Holy Spirit. He does not want to share space with anything that’s not good, pure and holy. Is your heart pure? Is your heart full of peace, joy and love? I hope so, because when that’s the case, God’s spirit certainly can be alive in you to the fullest. Consequently, your life will probably be healthier because of it. You’ll also be a better example for others who observe you as you live this life.

Take good care of your heart….and have an awesome day!!

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  1. says

    Hi Dale, your entry is eloquently written. I agree wholeheartedly, although one question has arisen. It pains God for us to live life away from His Will for immediate pleasures and gratification offered in this sinful world. When an individual such as this breaks a heart, that heart can go through an incredible struggle to get over it. However, that heart struggles with the person their lost love became. You mention that “God does not want to share space with anything that’s not good, pure and holy.” It seems that the loved one will always have a place in the heart, and they are all those things – “not good, pure or holy”. How can God not answer the best uttered prayers to improve that loved one for God’s Will? He is tainting the very heart God lives in.
    Does this make sense?

  2. Dale says


    Thanks for your comment. What I understand you saying is that sometimes someone who we love has hurt you can still be “in your heart” and that the feelings associated with that person, in your heart, are other than pure and holy and love(God’s attributes).

    What you write about seems to be in the area of forgiveness, perhaps. I think it’s okay to have a memory of hurt and loss and pain, but not emotions associated with, in this case, the relationship or the person. Through complete forgiveness, and it’s a process, our emotions can be different. With the help of Christ and His love, the heart can be restored to love.

    Then, there will be no further tainting of the heart. I pray that your heart will be able to restored to peace and love.


  3. Mitchell says

    Hi Dale,

    Great article mate and great website. Your work here is truly an inspiration. I came across it from reading proverbs 4:23-27. wanted to do a study on the heart and found you.

    I just wanted to say hi.


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