Walking as Exercise & Walking With God – Weekly Faith and Health Scripture – Genesis 5:18-24

WalkingDo you walk for regular exercise?  Many people do.

As I recovered from surgery for prostate cancer, I was not able to run for a period of time, so I walked.  I also remember when I conducted a walking program at the Army War College for participants of a personal wellness program.  I committed to only walk as my aerobic exercise for a period of 8 weeks.  On some days I would walk twice as I led groups in their exercise, sometimes for four miles each session.  That meant I was walking 6-8 miles on some days. I was surprised that I lost body fat and that when I began running again, I seemed to not have lost my level of conditioning.  The point is, walking is certainly a way to lose weight and to stay in good shape if your level of intensity(I) and frequency(F) is adequate.  (Read this short article on applying the FITT principle to your physical and spiritual fitness program.)

So, what does walking with God look like? Today’s devotional from Our Daily Bread, written by Marvin Williams, addresses this topic. Here’s an excerpt:

“What did it mean for Enoch to walk with God? It(today’s scripture) describes Enoch’s close communion with God—as if literally walking by His side. Also, it refers to Enoch’s unswerving obedience to God in a corrupt culture. God rewarded Enoch’s faithfulness by taking him to heaven while he was still alive. Death would not have the final word in God’s creation.

Enoch’s walk with God reminds us that it is possible for all of us to enjoy intimate communion with the Lord. Let’s commit ourselves to walking faithfully with Him every day.”

As good as walking physically is for your health, ‘walking with God’ is terrific for your spiritual health, just as Enoch experienced.  His reward for walking with God is that he is spending eternity with his Father.

What would a closer walk with God look like to you?

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