The Valleys and Mountaintops of Life – Your Faith and The Tour de France – Psalm 23:4

Stage 18 Tour de France 2011

Annually, I enjoy watching a few stages of the Tour de France, especially the stages that are held in the Alps. The scenery is magnificent and the athleticism required to complete these mountain stages is phenomenal. Today's 200.5 kilometer-long 18th stage will end on the … [Read more...]

Running With Jesus. Hebrews 12:1-2 Weekly Faith and Health Devotional

keep your eyes on Jesus in the race of your life

Running and Life Our life is like a long distance run or race and we're all participating in it. Over the years, I've competed in distance races from between 400 yards and 50 miles. In the 50 mile event, I ran along the American River in California for most of the way. The … [Read more...]

Faith Prepares Us for the Big Games of Life – Weekly Devotional – 1 Peter 1:7

March Madness Many of us enjoy watching what happens on the basketball court during March Madness, the annual NCAA basketball tournament.  This year's tournament, that started on Thursday, has seen several favored teams lose in either the first or second rounds. Some of you … [Read more...]

Key Links in the Spirituality and Health Connection

spirituality and health model diagram

Spirituality and Health - A Working Model This is a somewhat creative attempt to capture my ideas on many of the key aspects of the connection between one's faith and their health.  I used a mind mapping website to create this. It has limitations, but I'm pretty pleased with the … [Read more...]

Life, Religion and Our Most Important Relationship – Weekly Devotional – John 15:5

As I prepare to talk to a group of women this Sunday at a church near Charlotte, and review my notes that I'll use and the key points that I'll likely make, I'm reminded again of the essence of the Christian faith. It's about a close relationship with God, through his son … [Read more...]

Health Devotional: Hebrews 12:2-3 The Pain of Olympic Athletes and The ‘Races’ of Your Life

I really like watching the Olympics, whether it be the Summer Games or the Winter Games as are going on now.  Watching this year's events is extra special because I had the good fortune of visiting Whistler, British Columbia a few years ago to speak at a conference.  It's truly … [Read more...]